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Seminar on rapid analysis of rare earth products

Date of issue:2019-08-09 | Number of visits:2041

On August 7, 2019, the Inner Mongolia Rare Earth Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute (hereinafter referred to as: Inner Mongolia Rare Earth Institute), Baotou Sanlong Rare Metal Materials Co., Ltd., and Steel Research Nac Testing Technology Co., Ltd. held a meeting on rare earth metals and alloys Seminar on the development and application of rapid analysis equipment.



The Dean of Inner Mongolia Rare Earth Institute, the general manager and technical experts of Sanlong Rare Earth Company, and the main person in charge of Steel Research Nake attended the seminar.


The meeting decided to sign a tripartite agreement on work objectives, work content, phased work, division of responsibilities, discussion and communication system, testing method research, result comparison, standard sample development, etc., to accelerate the effective development of this work. At the same time, Inner Mongolia Rare Earth Institute and Sanlong Rare Earth Company reiterated the importance and significance of the project. At present, the rare earth metal production industry is facing problems such as high testing costs, very large testing workloads, serious sample losses, difficult test solution processing, high waste liquid recovery costs, and high equipment personnel investment. However, the rapid analysis of electric spark rare earth metals and alloys R&D and application have played a revolutionary role in the rare earth metal analysis industry. It is estimated that it will save nearly 100 million yuan in costs for rare earth metal companies across the country each year, which is of great application and promotion significance.